(CFP Flyer) Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

*Measurement, Instruments & Test 

Virtual Instrument

Scientific Experiment and Analytic Instrument

Educational Instrument & Experimental System

Microprocessor and Embedded System

VLSI Testing and Fault Diagnosis

MEMS Instruments and Test System

Testability and Built-in-test

Electronic Instrument & Measurement System

Optical Instrument & Measurement System

Precision Instruments & Measurement System



*Measurement & Test Information Processing

Measurement System and Theory

Measurement Error Theory

Virtual Measurement

Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition

Massive Data Management and Analysis

Reconfigurable Computing Sensors Fusion

Signal Analysis and Processing

Image Processing


*Measurement & Test Information Acquisition and Transmission

Sensors and Transducers

Non-electric Measurement

Sensor Network

Data Acquisition System and Technology

Signal Transmission and Data Bus

Networks in Test and Measurement

IOT: Internet of Things

Cyber Physical System